Transformation of Support Organisations

Let experts help optimise the impact of new strategies and business plans.

We assist with client-specific assistance in operations and support organisations. We boost and train the organisation to be able to deliver results with the new mindset, while at the same time ensuring a continued stable and robust operation.

Our Mission

We have extensive experience in the development of skills among both employees and managers. We are experts in adjusting and optimising processes and systems. We help the organisation create the new structures that are necessary. Our experts also know that the conditions have often changed, and there may be new customer requirements or regulatory requirements to be taken into consideration. For support functions we place special focus on striking a balance between regulatory requirements and the needs of core business for guidance and support.

Our goals in the transformation are to:

  1. Create understanding of the change and develop local roadmaps that optimally help increase the company's performance.
  2. Ensure the necessary processes, systems, resources, and competences.

Many times what needs to be undertaken is an elevation from one level of operation to another.  This will naturally challenge any organisation focused primarily on operational tasks. Our experts provide the experience, know-how and resources necessary to lift up the organisation, employees, and managers from their current level of operation to the next one. We work intensively with this mission over a limited period to prepare the organisation to operate on its own as quickly as possible.

The process

We recommend a transformation process comprised of 4 phases.

  • Phase 0 – Introductory meeting focused on agreeing how phase 1 should unfold.
  • Phase 1 – Needs analysis, where we deliver a plan for the transformation.
  • Phase 2 – The Transformation, where the organisation is developed and trained.
  • Phase 3 – The Transfer, which concludes and ensures that the organisation can operate on the new level

 Transformation And Change UK


The length of these phases varies, just as the resources to be provided during the period vary. To ensure we are always at the forefront with the latest expert knowledge, we have entered strategic collaborations with professional experts whom we assign to the task as needed.

We recommend that we start by establishing a short-term collaborative agreement. During this period we develop a joint plan for the transformation; this period covers phase 0 and phase 1. Once we have reached consensus on the plan for the transformation (phase 2) we draft an agreement covering the collaboration over the course of phase 2 and phase 3.

You are always welcome to call us at +45 9389 1646 for an informal and non-binding consultation to assess your wants and needs.

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